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My tribute to Guillaume Faye.


Faye.jpgGuillaume Faye is gone. So, he joins the cohort of the european guardians into the kingdom of the dead ones. He entered the legend as the tutelary face tenured of a cause which deserves to fight for it, which had been his fight and ours.

Tight-lipped by the cancer, face up a challenge like in the Thermopylae which we can’t survive, he fought. His last book heared like a summon to the avenger god Mars. “Racial civil war” will be his will .

Guillaume Faye has been the author of the founding book which of course gets strike by the usual critic,  “Colonization of Europe” with this very evocative title, very revealing title, where he earns also some animosity and especially a wrong trial .

The tactful boldness “New jewish question” will have earned him the lost of his few remaining support who could not understand the intellectual breakthrough where he invited us .

“New speech to the European nation”, upgraded and improved by the 2000s' Guillaume Faye, deeply improved, remembers to us that over everything, Europe was his nation and passion. In his book “Why we fight “, he reminds us who we are and what is our mission. He gives to us some precious argumentation weapons to face to.

“Archeofuturism” was his main book. His short story which closes the book, a vision of an Europe which succeeds despite heavy loss, revealed a promethean vision of the european man but also a life lesson that the current world is like a fighting arena, the sun flooding with his light a valley of tears that it can also dry.

Far from a simple “ old - new” resurrected figure but conform to the ferocious Nietzsche, that Guillaume didn’t stop to honor, the author never stops to remind us to stand up. Because we fall again but to stand up stronger than ever. As long the third Moira decides to stop the adventure. Atropos cut the wire. Our friend left to Elysium .

Guillaume Faye is gone, but his memory will remain. The endured glory of the hero doesn’t forget him as we never forget him. He was a forethought teacher, a wise master.

Guillaume was telling me one year before that Dominique Venner was the figure who convinced him to enter to the GRECE. He joins this one into the kingdom of Hades .

Guillaume, you were one of our heralds. We will achieve your dream.

Requiescat in Elysio

Per Iouem, in the name of Zeus, that was Guillaume Faye. My friend, hail to you !


(Thanks to Jonathan for the translation)

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